How BI and IAM are interwoven for data driven agility

BI and IAM are intertwined. SonicBee invests in bringing these domains together. Organizing digital identities properly is a must for all companies with data-driven ambitions.

These identities are linked to the core of all business processes and associated with active people and things. The choices regarding the design of these identities therefore have direct consequences on the innovative ability and agility of your company. There is a rising need to create insights from unused data and embedded business intelligence solutions. Digitization, cloud use, more IoT devices and the need for dynamic interactions, result in an increase in data generation. Which leads into a growing need for a better overview in the form of data visualizations like dashboards.

New technologies such as AI offer opportunities for optimized processes and new possibilities. We are convinced that Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Business Intelligence (BI) will/should merge resulting in a new approach towards identities and data. SonicBee is a pioneer by combining IAM and BI principles in developing its product services

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