IAM for the Internet of things

More and more devices are connected and transmit data and information to improve business processes. In fact, many companies actively use IoT applications. It is striking that businesses have so far been somewhat successful in protecting human identities, the same organizations spend very little on protecting machine identities. While all that communication does pose privacy and security risks. That can only be controlled by using innovative solutions.

The introduction of the 5G network will accelerate the breakthrough of the IoT. The IoT market is predicted to rise by 532% over the next five years (Statista 2020). The more objects that are connected to the internet, the more opportunities there are for cyber criminals to enter the network. Due to the possibilities that 5G offers, there will be more applications involving the ultimate form of 2-way real-time communication. Optimal connectivity and data processing is then crucial. This will further increase the use of microservices, which will further grow the need for solid IAM solutions.

What if, for example, you start controlling equipment remotely? Consider a remote operation where other doctors are also watching remotely. It should be clear that optimal performance and security at then is crucial. IAM will have to play a prominent role in finding suitable solutions.

SonicBee offers unique IoT specific solutions for the optimal management and control access of devices .

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