Authorization Analytics

Gain very fast and careful insight into the current IAM environment,
role structures and determine the best way forward.

What is Identity Governance Administration (IGA)

Unravel complex role structures to take a strategic step forward

Recent developments mean that role structures have become increasingly complex. Often the overview of which applications are running and who has access to what is partly lost. And does this ‘structure’ still match the current needs and ambitions of the organization? Insight into the current situation is of great importance to take the right future-proof step forward. And essential for the successful implementation of a new IAM environment, because “garbage in garbage out”.

During the Autorization Analytics project, the SonicBee team is rapidly mapping out this situation. As an exclusive partner in the Netherlands, SonicBee uses the Nexis analysis software. The output is then analyzed by our experts. At the end of the project you will receive a comprehensive advisory report on the findings, risks and areas for improvement. This way you are ready to take the next step towards an optimized IAM environment.

The primary question in information security is:
“Who can do what and why is that?
If you know the answer, you’re OK”

Rapid insight into governance and authorization management

SonicBee performs a Authorization Analytics for you so that you quickly have insight into the current status of who / what has access to which systems. The advantages at a glance:

Quick and efficient!

Map the current situation regarding authorization management very quickly.


Receive very detailed insight into current complex (role) structures.

Less chance of mistakes

Less manual work and real-time data means less chance of errors.

View of risks

The risks that emerge from the analysis are highlighted.


By performing regularly, your environment is ready for audits.

Cost efficient

Ready within a few weeks (instead of years!). And therefore much cheaper than inventory based on business analysis.

How user-friendly and secure is digital access arranged at your company?

Read the leaflet ‘Authorization Analytics’ or make an appointment. We like to think along with you.

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Authorization Analytics

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