IAM Expert training

Everything about Identity & Access management in one training.

IAM training for pioneers

In this training it becomes clear how you can successfully implement Identity Management & Access control in your organization. You will learn about the latest developments such as blockchain identity, CIAM and IoT access management.

It is expressly intended that at the end of this Expert training you will be able to apply the learned material within your own organization. And you are a pioneer in the field of IAM.

Are you (jointly) responsible for the successful implementation of Identity Management & Access Control in the organization? Then this unique 4-day training is a must!

Take aways

  • Certificate of participation
    All take aways from the Advanced training plus:
  • Understanding what trust federation looks like
  • Insight into the (im)possibilities of the cloud
  • Knowledge of Zero Trust architecture
  • Insight into connecting environments based on protocols
  • Understanding the usefulness and implementation of PAM
  • Awareness of Information Security and IAM
  • Understanding when compliance is achieved
  • Global insight into privacy and its safeguard


4 days

Number of participants

Max. 10


Day 1 and 2
• Of the Advanced training

Day 3

  • Trust (federation)
  • Cloud
  • CIAM
  • Zero Trust
  • Protocols
  • PAM

Day 4

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Privacy

Our mission

Empower organizations to create Interoperability for smart and secure collaboration 

About the trainers

André Koot

André Koot is principal IAM consultant and co-founder of SonicBee. He has 25 years of experience in the Cyber Security domain, of which 20 years specifically focused on Identity and Access Management. He is an absolute top expert in this field, internationally recognized…

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Diederik Hammer

Diederik Hammer is an information security & IAM consultant at SonicBee. Diederik has multiple years of experience on the various aspects that are related to IAM, like IGA, CIAM & PAM. In the last few years, he specialised himself in other areas of information security leading to the roles of information security officer and consultant…

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Would you like to learn more about the training options for your organization?

We like to think along with you.

Our trainings

Introduction training

In this half-day course you will be taken into the fascinating world of IAM.

Advanced training

In this 2-day training you will learn what makes IAM so important.

Expert training

Everything you want to know about IAM in one 4-day training.

Training partners

Knowledge sharing is a key value for us. As far as we are concerned, a successful IAM program stands or falls with the involvement of various stakeholders within an organization. By following a training, people with different roles, backgrounds and areas of interest can acquire basic or in-depth IAM knowledge.

Therefore, we offer multiple training courses and work with various partners to share this knowledge with a diverse group.

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