IAM Vision, Strategy and Roadmap

Get an IAM vision and roadmap that enables your organization to tackle security risks,
reach compliancy and realize business value.

Our mission

Empower organizations to create Interoperability for smart and secure collaboration 

Build a futureproof fundament to access collaboration

Recent developments such as more working from home, an increase in the number of chain partners and the growth of the current ICT environment by connecting more and more systems, make IAM even more important. Having a good IAM Vision and strategy that ties in with a company-wide mission, vision and strategy contributes to the organizations continuity.

During the IAM Vision & Strategy project, the SonicBee team first maps out the current situation with the business. And tests it against the market and architecture. The IAM vision and roadmap are then drawn up. So-called quick wins also emerge. At the end of the project there is a vision and a plan, that is supported company-wide, ensures that access is properly arranged and contributes to the digital collaboration of users.

The primary question in information security is:
“Who can do what and why is that?
If you know the answer, you’re OK”

The SonicBee integrated approach

The SonicBee integrated approach during IAM Vision & Strategy development consists of:

Strategic IAM consultation

IAM Vision Roadmap Project

IAM Trainings

Change management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has long since ceased to be an IT process, but is woven into business operations. In fact, we are convinced that IAM projects can only be successful by actively involving people across the company. That is why various stakeholders are involved during the project and attention is paid to change management, for example through workshops and training.

Risks and Opportunities

SonicBee helps you to draw up an IAM vision to exclude (future) risks, prevent technical debt and respond to (future) opportunities. The risks of not having a good IAM strategy can lead to:

Financial damage

Companies are regularly extorted by cyber criminals after a hack with data theft. The hackers are demanding money. Were you prepared for this?

Image damage

Data leaks can damage your image. Especially when reliability is essential for the confidence of your customers in your products and services.

Withhold business continuity

Due to the lack of a good IAM foundation, you may be limited in realizing ambitions, such as rolling out the cloud strategy.

Financial benefits

Making your organization auditable saves you a lot of money and effort for your accountant or inspection body.

Image opportunities

Users and partners who prefer to work with you rather than with your competitor, because you arranged access to the portal most convenient and secure.

Accelerate business continuity

With a good foundation, you can better respond to opportunities such as optimal digital collaboration with partners and customers.

How user-friendly and secure is digital access arranged at your company?

Read the leaflet ‘IAM Vision, Srategy and Roadmap’ or make an appointment. We like to think along with you.

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IAM Vision, Strategy and Roadmap

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