Scalable intelligent Identity management and Access control solutions.

Cooperation Simplified

SonicBee offers with SynerBee, future-proof solutions for regulating and exchanging information and access between people, machines and devices. SynerBee is based on our Intelligent Access Platform and offered as a Service. Our services consist of various building blocks that are continuously further developed and improved. This makes it increasingly easy to collaborate with chain partners in an innovative and automated way and to optimally serve your customers. Our first well-new available building block is SynerBee for employees.

Characteristic of SynerBee:
Flexible, innovative, secure, user-friendly, affordable

The power of SynerBee for employees

Automatic access providing

Automatic provisioning of new employees in Microsoft AD and automatic de-provisioning upon retirement.

Centralized control, management and insight into access

The admin user has insight into the access status of employees to systems. And the ability to block access immediately from a central point (SynerBee).

Usable reports for audits and GDPR demonstrability

SynerBee provides 24/7 visibility into key access management KPIs for auditing and being able to meet GDPR standards/requirements, among others

SynerBee makes professional access management for optimal digital collaboration accessible

It is our mission to help organizations access and use data to make better decisions, enhance the customer experience and reduce costs in a secure and compliant manner. Founded in 2020, SonicBee is ambitious to change the field of data access. SynerBee is the scalable SaaS solutions portfolio developed by SonicBee to provide the ability to do so for mid-sized organizations

Why? Simply because we see a lack of practical and innovative solutions in this segment. And we believe that all companies should be able to use professional solutions for smart and secure access to collaborate digitally!

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The SynerBee building blocks

Secure access to data with the best user experience

Enable (complex) interoperability

Simplify access to users and speed up the process

Increase the level of security and protect it against cybercrime

Save time and costs for managing operations and reduce the risk of errors

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