Identity Governance Administration IGA

IGA gives business leaders holistic insights in who has access to what and why.

Get the business in control

In practice we notice that companies often get started with IAM as an IT project. This is not tenable.
It soon becomes apparent that it is a business change issue. This has everything to do with IGA.

IGA structures and visualizes to business owners who or what has access to what and why. This helps them to audit, improve and update policies, increase the login convenience for users, maintain compliancy and reduce security risks.

Carefully making agreements within the organization about the measures to which access can be granted is essential to ensure that this can be set up in a (IGA) system. Subsequently, the responsibility can also be placed with the person responsible, namely the business- or process owner.

Deciding which person has what permissions,
and assuring that this permission is justified,
should be a business responsibility

The goal of IGA

In IGA, the rules of the game are determined and guaranteed, to which an attribute may or may not be given access. This information is indispensable for the proper functioning of an IAM environment. Although the purpose and focus of this will vary from company to company, these goals generally deliver business value.

Get the business in control

The goal of IGA is to transfer responsibility for IAM from IT operators to the business and process owners. This way, the people who really deal with it have a grip on the situation themselves.

Streamline by process automation

Automate the joiner-mover-leaver (JML) process by assigning accounts and authorizations to target systems. This makes the environment friendlier, safer and more manageable for users.

Improve information quality

IGA ensures higher data quality, more structure and optimization of role modeling, more insight through reports and improved governance. This offers, among other things, opportunities for compliancy.

Become auditable and reach compliancy

With a well-designed IGA you can be sure that you can issue an “in control statement”. This makes it easier and faster to audit the environment. After all, the IAM implementations are tested against the IGA. If no deviations are found, one can speak of “being compliant”.  This makes IGA an essential element for risk management.

SonicBee specialized in IGA

As an independent party, SonicBee is familiar with all IGA products. We know the pros and cons and functional requirements. In addition, we have technical and substantive knowledge of the products, and the business experts are even certified on various platforms.

We work with the Nexis Control tool to ensure that organizations get the IGA in order quickly and very carefully. We are an exclusive partner in the Netherlands and surroundings and are the only organization that can provide this as a cloud service. All IAM business experts are Nexis certified and have experience in unraveling, structuring and improving complex role based access control (RBAC) in a very efficient and analytical way. We see Nexis as an indispensable tool for any organization that wants to tackle IGA professionally.

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